Follow -UP! ISS interesting info.

I randomly typed in “astronauts who knit” today. Found this tidbit.   Sewing (knitting?some confusion there) at 17000mph…..How did I miss the years ago?

Karen Nyberg

Back on earth at the Houston Quilt Festival

Quilting in space


Ironically – when I followed on the names (something sounded familiar , right?)  I found this.  Douglas Hurley

She is now retired- as of March 2020.

He is flying around at 16 orbits per day since May 2020. Today he’s monitoring the space walk. NASA live coverage today So just when her life is grounded, he is at 254 miles altitude for the duration of this latest mission. Mission 63

I wonder if she’ll be working on any quilts or sweaters for this coming winter!



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