Early morning transit: Right on time!


If you’ve seen the space station fly over, you’ll understand different perspectives. From our view these brave folks appear to be flying in a bright point of light, somewhere close to twice Jupiter in size brightness right now. Twenty minutes ago they flew right over the house from NW to ESE, coming out of the dark horizon and sailing off right between the crescent moon and red sparkly Mars. My backyard tracking gave me six minutes of quiet calm, standing in the dark, looking up.

From their reality it must be amazing to see the Earth zipping by, moon and stars from that location. They have already reached daylight by now- and the coast, while I sit here at the table awaiting the sunrise and probably will not see the beach or ocean this year. They will pass near Antarctica 16 times today.

It takes my breath away to see them when they are visible at my long and lat. I wonder what it does for them to be one of those few?

Some numbers: Current Expedition 63

Time to orbit Earth: about 90 minutes

Altitude- 254 miles/410 km.

Speed: about 17,000 mph/ 27,700 kph

Members of the current crew on board: Robert Behnken, Douglas Hurley, Christopher Cassidy, Anatoli Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner

If you want to see the station at your location refer to: Spot the Station or Heavens Above

Space Station link: Yes- I know it’s wiki. Sigh. violating all reference rules for educators.

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