Taking the socks for a walk

sock and iris

With staying home, there are some new activities that one develops. The dog and cat daily saunter, the attentiveness to weather, cooking more than normally done pre-Pandemic, and a new one- taking the socks for a walk. Photography and fair weather and much time at home blended well for this photo op.

dandelion with sock

Hand-dyed farm yarns stripe the naturally colored wool/ alpaca blend all sourced from the grasses here in the pastures over the years.

hand-dyed stripe on sock of natural wools

lavandar lilac and sock

Many of the flock have gone, but the few alpaca boys are still in those pastures. So when I wear these socks this winter, the process from grass to garment, to Pandemic survival will be knit into them, …if the fates allow.

sock in the apple tree

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