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So today my self-directed lesson is in life and time patterns: knitting uses patterns, of both time and visualization. Plants have them. Clouds seem to be random and chaotic, but they appear as dictated by the flows in temperature, volume, … Continue reading

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Another walk for the socks

The weather’s been pretty good lately. Put up hay. Everybody that needed shearing has been shorn. The garden- and the weeds- have been doing pretty well. Rabbits are happy. Socks are wearable. Shaping the insteps and toes differently has been … Continue reading

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Taking the socks for a walk

With staying home, there are some new activities that one develops. The dog and cat daily saunter, the attentiveness to weather, cooking more than normally done pre-Pandemic, and a new one- taking the socks for a walk. Photography and fair … Continue reading

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