A Week of Temps ABOVE freezing!

hairpin lace

hairpin lace bulky weight Cheviot/alpaca earwarmer

The weather is changing! I can finally see grass in the pasture as the snow gradually leaves on the south facing slopes. What snow there is has gone through fluffy, granular, sugary, slush, back to ice and finally hard packed and slick on the paths. The goat and sheep tracks have broken through and gone to earth. Ground Hog’s Day has passed with Punxatauney Phil prognosticating an early spring and Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. The sun is shining, wind is picking up and spring is oh so close! Hay comes today and the barn cleaning is soon. The buds are starting on the apple trees. I can hardly wait!

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1 Response to A Week of Temps ABOVE freezing!

  1. Linda Fox says:

    Hi Linda – I just discovered your blog. Very nice! Terrific photos. I didn’t know you dyed. Keep it up!

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