Rain is coming, by the inch

tropical storm image

Here comes the rain!

The spreading blue and red swath of tropical storm Nicole is bringing us what we’ve needed all summer- inches of rain to the Mid- Atlantic. The run in sheds and barn are all battened down for the night. Hay is piled under roof for through the next day or so until this clears. Hopefully our pasture will revive before the first freeze.
Last week ended with two thirds of our flock going to a new home in New York State.

Currently our flock consists of 7 rams awaiting dispersal, one registered Cheviot ewe and her BFL lamb and 11 other crossbreds of BFL and Leicester Longwool lineage that I’ve kept for wool.

The draught and the work of keeping 85 animals on the farm has gotten to be “whelming”. Cost for hay this winter will be high in our area. When the opportunity presented itself for moving on some of the flock to greener pastures in every sense, I had to sell.

cashmere goat


The goats are still “improving” the woods. Cashmere is coming on for the winter. I’m looking forward to seeing the new coats by mid winter. Hopefully the fiber will be fine enough to make a really nice cashmere scarf by next year this time.

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